Saturday, November 18, 2017

Bare Bones Staffing

I have heard individuals complaining in all areas about bare bones staffing. Yep, the great gift from the recession. Companies trying to do more with fewer and fewer individuals.

I have a friend who works in retail who tells me frequently, that the company she works for just won't have more people come in so there are lines of customers. She tells me how she feels like she has to take time with each customer, but she isn't always able to due to the number of people waiting to be helped. She doesn't understand why they just don't hire another person to work in her department.

I have another friend who works in social services who tells me they just keep adding individuals to her case load. She doesn't have time to deal with all of the individuals. But in spite of her growing caseload they won't add another individual to do more of the work.

And then there is my workplace. There are individuals who retire, and low and behold their jobs are eliminated. Boy, are people complaining about that.

So is this bare bones staffing plan working? Well, in some ways it is, the work is getting completed. But so many people seem unhappy in their professions anymore. I constantly hear that they like what they do, but it would be nice to have more people to help them out.

Should companies cut waste? Absolutely! But keep in mind the attitude of your workers. They are the backbone of how your company is presented to the world.

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