Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Choosing The Right Pet Human

Those of you who have following my story know about a few months ago I picked a new pet human. This was a long process that, but I believe that I selected the right pet for me. There are a few things that each feline should keep in mind whenever they are selecting a new human. You will be spending much time with this individual so it is important that you get the right match. Here are a few of my suggestions on this matter.

First have a meet and greet with you potential pet. You should see if there are any other felines living in this home. Will you and all the members of that household get along?

Consider the age of the humans in the household. I am older and more mature so I did not want to live in a home with young children. They can be rough on a fellow, and I did not want to go through that.

When I discussed all members of the household, I mean all members including other animals. Personally, I am not real keen on living with canines they are just a lot of work. And who wants a kitten as a roommate. They just have too much energy, and there are times I find them annoying. I met my potential roommate Captain one afternoon. And after some discussion with him about territory, we decided that we could get along.

Please be sure to consider all of these items when you are choosing the right pet human for you.

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