Thursday, November 2, 2017

Goals For November 2017

October was a great month, and somehow Halloween came and went so quickly. And now it is time to set goals for the month of November.

In October I set a few goals so let's see how I did.

I wanted to add some pictures to my facebook page for Serendipity Created. I managed to get one photo added to this. So I did complete the goal, but not just as much of it I wanted to. Is there a pattern emerging here? I seem to say this about my goals a lot recently.

I wanted to get some of my bath bomb supplies organized in a file cabinet I have. They are now in the cabinet, and it is working much better. But I constantly have to remind myself to put the items away. I think I am just a cluttery person at times.

If you read my post Black Violin, you already know that I did get some tickets purchased. It was easy once I got myself moving, and I realized that the box office was open later than I thought it was. Hurray!

Yes, I did go through that notebook. And I did put some of those ideas into action. The notebook had some songs that I liked, and songs that I heard and wanted to listen to again, but I wouldn't remember to add to my listening lists. I added a couple of those songs to my post Recent Songs Listening List
I stopped adding to that notebook this month though because I was reviewing it. Isn't that weird?

Goals for November 2017


I really want to figure out how to use recyclable items in my gift giving. How do I do it without those items looking cheap and trashy? I will have to explore this, and get the project started.


Recently, a friend of mine asked me what is happy mail? I was surprised, I thought happy mail was self explanatory. But I want to start sending out more happy mail to people in my life. Let's see if I can get that going? 

Storage Unit

I picked up a little item to help me store magazines and paper. It does need a little work, but it will be extremely helpful to me. I want to get that fixed this month.

November Walks

I did a project a couple of years ago with items I found on walks. I really enjoyed the project t, and I got some great exercise doing it. I want to do that during November. That means I need to get out walking.

So let's see how I do this month. Hopefully, I will be able to complete all of these goals.

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