Saturday, November 11, 2017

Natural Upholstery Cleaning Fail

I had this pillow that needed a little cleaning. There was this totally noticeable d=stain on the pillow. And of course it is a light color. I didn't want to send it through the washer because it might be hard on the fabric. So I looked for a natural way to clean it. But as you can see this was a natural upholstery cleaning fail. Here is what I used, and I cleaned the item.

You can see that dirt smudge on the pillow. It just looks gross. Here are the products I mixed to clean it. 
The ingredients were equal parts vinegar and alcohol. And then I added 10 drops of peppermint essential oil. And then I placed them in a spray bottle. These were the instructions I saw and followed. I sprayed the mixture on the fabric, and began patting the pillow with a paper towel, and nothing really happened. It was disappointed. So I let it dry, and then tried again. Some of the dirt did come out, but not enough. And there was overwhelming scent of vinegar.

In the end I wound up sending the item through the washing machine. I know that a lot of natural cleaning mixtures work, but this one was not good for the item I was cleaning. And I don't recommend it.

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