Friday, November 24, 2017

Sleeping Beauties

Sleeping Beauties is the new book co-written by Stephen King and his son Owen King. I like Stephen King's novels so I decided to share what I think about this book.

The Story

Something strange is happening, all of the women of the world are falling asleep. And they are wrapped in a cocoon. And very bad things happen to the men in the world if they wake these sleeping beauties. But there is much more going on. I limysterious woman called Eve is arrested for an awful crime. But she is different from the other women, she is able to wake up. The woman's name is Eve. And she has some sort of control of the situation. And she has to be protected against individuals that want to cause her harm. Can it be done? And what will happen to the women who are asleep?

What I Think Of This Book

I liked this book. It's a little creepy, but not over the top. It like many Stephen King books is a book about good verses evil. It asks the questions if given the choice will individuals do what is best for the group or themselves? And of course what would the world be like without any women? Will that be the end of the world? I also like that it shows that there are good men and bad men. Some of these individuals are set on harming the sleeping women. They want to harm individuals that haven't even met. And a few of them just want to see what will happen. 

The parts where individuals set women on fire who were sleeping. Some of them had old scores to settle; some were just curious about what will happen; and there are those who think they are helping when they wake their loved ones. It reminded me that sometimes it is best to let sleeping dies lie. 

I also liked how the book show that individuals can change. Many of the characters in the book are from a Women's correctional facility. Some of them have committed awful crimes. But when they are put in the world of sleeping women they change. Many of these individuals are determined not repeat the mistakes of their pasts when they are given a second chance.

Overall, the book is a little bit spooky. And I wondered who wrote which parts of the stories was this Stephen's influence or Owen's? So if you are looking for a creepy read Sleeping Beauties may be the book for you.

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