Sunday, November 19, 2017

Thrifty Finds Week 31

Isn't walking into a thrift store a great feeling. You know the great hunt has begun. What will you find with this hunt It's a great adventure. And there is that added benefit of how much less the items cost at the thrift store than at the regular store. And then compound it with the fact that you are recycling in one of the best ways around. Thrifting is really a great hobby. Here are a few of the thrifty finds for this week.
Here's a look at the entire group of items. All of them are really cool this week. Not so practical, but cool.
I love Moroccan designs, and this dish with that design jumped off of the shelf, and into my cart. I love the reds and yellows in the design. And I always wonder how it was come up with?
I absolutely adore the floral pattern on this little dress. I like the color combination of the pinks, blues, and some brown added to the mix. It's just cute!
I loved the little monkey on this pillow. And the trim is full of little sock monkeys. It was a must have. Super cute, and super fun!
And last but not least, I found some magazines to add to my collection. I absolutely love the cover of that Country Living magazine. There are so many things to look at. 

Hope you enjoyed the items, and let me know what you have thrifted recently.

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