Saturday, November 25, 2017

What Makes a Good Design?

I read some of Dieter Rams keys to good design. And I wondered about some of the things he claims make design memorable. And for those of who don't know who Rams is. He was a German designer who had a great influence over the design over products in the 60's and 70's. He presented 10 principles. I'm only going to talk about three of them that I really agree with.

One of his themes was usefulness. Have you ever bought something and thought gee that is cute. But when you get it home. It's like how do I use it. Or even worse you purchase an item that looks extremely useful that isn't.

If you read my post, The Can Opener Let Me Down you'll know that I had a can opener that looked really useful, but it turned out to be trash. It also brings out the other great good design idea. It has to be long-lasting. That can opener just didn't make it. It didn't last nearly long enough. I wound up purchasing another one. So that can opener did not meet Rams standard of environmentally friendly because it had to be thrown away.

But as I read through his ideas. I realized that all of them are important. And they are all things that I look for in products. It's just I have the most experience with the ones I have mentioned.

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