Friday, December 29, 2017

Captain's Cookie Caper

This is Captain. I felt that I should share with you a recent event that occurred between me and my pet human. We recently celebrated Christmas at our house. It was wonderful. It involved a wonderous feast of salmon and catnip. I thoroughly enjoyed the holiday that I spent with my beloved pe.

The day after Christmas a box arrived on our doorstep. I assisted with opening the package. As we opened the box, I was dreaming of what could be in there for the most important member of the household. For those of you who don't know who that is. It is me. I realized the box was from the pet's mother so I was convinced it was really for me.

At first it wasn't obvious. But as she went through the box, I caught a whiff of something. It was not catnip. But there was something baked in that box. I edged closer to get a better view. And an insult was thrown at me. My pet stated that's not yours. I thought how dare you. And I knew I would have to open the items in that box.

I decided to wait a little while before I made my move. In order for me to teach the human a lesson timing was important. I had to assure that it was not within her reach when I made my move, but it also had to be within her eyesight.

The moment arrived when the lid on the tin was ajar, and the pet was sitting in the room. I made my move. I reached up and flipped the tin. My pet looked up as the cookies hit the floor. I looked at her and let her know the cookies were mine after all.

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