Thursday, December 21, 2017

Five Must Have Tools For Beginning The DIY Lifestyle

I love DIY projects. Enough that I've begun tackling some bigger projects. I've also found that it kind of a lifestyle. But I've found that there are a few items I need before I can start some of the projects I want to tackle. Some of the items I had, but a couple I had to purchase. So here are a few of the tools that you will need before you really begin serious DIY projects.

The first one you will need is a hammer. I dug around the house, and found one when I need to pound a nail into board. And I found that the claw on the back of the hammer came in really handy when I was tearing about a pallet.
When I went to remove a broken section off a chair, I found that I had to have a screwdriver in order to remove the screw that was holding it together. I dug around the house, and found a Philips screwdriver. Actually it is handy to have a set of them. I am going to have to purchase a full set, because I have found that low and behold there are different sized screws.

I found a chair that I wanted to paint earlier this summer. And I found that in order to get that in order to paint the chair, and have the paint spread evenly. I need to sand down the chair so that the paint would adhere to the wood. I decided that sanding it by hand would be too much of a hassle. Imagine the hours it would take. So I traipsed down to the home improvement store and purchased a detail sander. It made the project much easier.
I also realized as I started my second big project that I needed a handsaw. I had to saw down a small piece of wood. And I knew it would work right if I just tried to break the wood. Fortunately, I had one in my garage.
Lastly, a socket wrench is so helpful. It makes it so much easier to reach some of those hard to reach spots that seem to show up in every DIY project I have ever done.

So what items are you your tool list?

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