Friday, December 29, 2017

Pick The Right Balm

That dry weather that comes when winter arrives is here. Your skin is drier, and your lips get chapped. There are three things you should keep in mind when you grab that lip balm to soothe those chapped lips.

Skip The Flavor

I love flavored lip balms. But they can be a problem in winter months. The flavorful balms often make us want to lick your lips which can cause chapping. The drying saliva can irritate your lips.

Read The Label

I was surprised to learn that if your lips are chapped you want to avoid products with beeswax. Beeswax protects but it doesn't treat. Look for chopsticks with butters to soothe and heal your lips.

The Tubes Rule

There are lots of great products in little pots, but winter is cold and flu season. So you may want to avoid using these unless you have just washed your hands.

Remember these tips and you are sure to pick the right balm this winter.

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