Thursday, December 7, 2017

Recent Moments In Life

Seeing all of the Christmas sweaters. In particular, I saw a girl walking around with a pink sweater with a cat on the front, and the cat had a red sequin Christmas bow around it's neck. You only see that during the holidays. You have to smile when you see something like that.

Driving  around town in the evening during the holiday season is a treat. It's fun to see all of the houses lit up with lights. And I can never figure out which one is my favorite.

Those pop up sales. They are so much fun. It's great to buy from the smaller companies. It's a great way to find those unique gifts.

The smell of cinnamon in the house after you've done some baking. It just smells good. It's like one of the best air fresheners you can get. And you don't have to buy it in a can.

What moments have been great in your life recently?

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