Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Take A Breath

I want everyone to do something right now. It's a simple thing. Everyone right now take a deep breath. Make sure it is the type of breath where you feel your lungs with air. The type of breath where you feel your entire chest expanding. That was easy wasn't it?

But there are individuals out there in the world who struggle with this. Have you ever seen someone with pneumonia or asthma struggling to catch their breath? It's kind of scary isn't it? But while these are scary and dangerous these conditions are treatable.

But there are a few conditions out there where taking a deep breath is not easy and it will get worse. People like my father who died from ILD. And this week my friend Brian.

Brian and I weren't close he was a friends boyfriend. But he was still a friend. I saw him struggle to walk up stairs at a wedding. He got up the stairs, but he was winded. I heard my friend's fear when she found out they were going to put him on a ventilator. And that final text about how Brian was doing that just stated "He's gone."

I remember feeling so sad for my friend. But I was so thankful that I could take a breath without struggling.

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  1. My dad has a lot of trouble breathing and there has been nights when it was hard for me to breath, we take breathing for granted it comes naturally but sometimes it doesn't and it can be so scary when it doesn't