Wednesday, December 6, 2017

What Did They Do To The House?

I drove past the house I lived in while I was in high school the other day. It was a two story home with bushes around the front. Pretty much a typical home. But I always thought the front yard was a little bland. And apparently my father felt the same way. He decided to plant a couple of trees.

They were maple trees. And they were scrawny when he first planted them. Just sticks in the ground with a few leaves. After a couple of years they sprouted up. And they began looking like real trees. They were maple trees, and like all maple trees the leaves looked wonderful in the fall. They had that red, yellow and orange coloring. The tree add something to the house.

But when I drove past the house the other day, I asked myself what did they do to the house? They did the unthinkable. They cut down those trees. I was insulted. Those were my dad's trees. And I felt that these people had committed a major crime. They had removed my father's addition to that yard. But then I realized. It wasn't our house anymore. And they could do anything they wanted to it. But why did they take down those trees?

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