Sunday, December 17, 2017

Your Teen's First Smartphone

It's a big purchase for you teen. The cell phone has been replaced by the smart phone. And it is an important part of life anymore. But when do you get your teen's first smartphone?

Studies have shown that smartphones are contributing to depression in teens. But like all things doesn't have to be that way. Moderation is the key. Experts recommend a half hour to an hour a day on the precious device. But that doesn't answer the question when do you provide them with the phone?

And experts are recommending that fourteen is the golden age when teens are able to handle the stressors that can come along with owning a phone. This allows them to communicate with friends and family. And they are able to learn about the world around them.

But I really like the suggestion one individual I know provided in order to monitor their child's smartphone use. They disabled the social media on the phone, and only allow their child to participate in these activities on their family computer at home.

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