Thursday, January 4, 2018

A Column Of Fire

It's time for me to tell you about what I've been reading recently. I picked up the book A Column of Fire by Ken Follett. I read his book The Pillars of the Earth and I really enjoyed it so I was excited to see this new book.

The Story

This book returns to the village of Kingsbridge. It is the time of Mary Tudor. And there are religious divides within England. It isn't safe to be a protestant. And there are those who wish for tolerance. One incident in Kingsbridge makes Ned decide that he wants to do something about the intolerance. But what can he do?

He by chance meets a man who can who works for the young Princess Elizabeth. Ned finds that he becomes a part of a great spymaster network that protects the princess who becomes queen. But he still misses the love of his life, Margery Fitzgerald. They were separated by religion and intolerance. 

But life goes on, and he while he is working in Paris he meets a new love. And they marry. His new love is Protestant, and very eager to work with Ned. But they see the horrible St. Bartholomew's day massacre in Paris. And they move to England.

Life continues and Ned's great love Margery remains part of his life as a friend. But she believes she is doing God's will by helping Catholic families. She assists with placing young priests in their homes. Little does she know that her brother is working to destroy the individual who has provided the somewhat tolerant atmosphere they are living in, Queen Elizabeth. When she finds out his plot to destroy the queen Margery never lets Ned know.

And keeping this secret is a huge mistake for Margery. 

What I Think

I really liked this book. It deals with a time in history that has a lot of drama anyway. And this book brings some of that drama to life. It makes it seem a little more real. There are constant themes of love and choices that individuals make. And I liked how the book shows just how important tolerance really is. The characters are interesting. And I like how it shows that there were strong women that existed in that time frame. We so often see women as doing nothing at that point in time. They simply ran their homes, but there were women who had to run businesses just to survive. And they were often successful.

So this book is great for anyone who enjoys historical fiction.

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