Thursday, January 25, 2018


I recently read Bird by Angela Johnson. And I know that you are all eager to read what I thought about this book.

The Story

When Bird's step father leaves, Bird decides she needs to find him. She runs away and follows him to an address her mother had on a piece of paper. She is roughing it, but she finds a comfortable shed at a families home. She believes that she is unnoticed, but the son of the family knows she is there.  

Ethan is the young man who notices her, and provides her with food. Ethan faces the challenge of receiving a heart transplant. And realizing that he has much to do when he receives his new heart. Bird decides that she needs to find another place to hide out.

Jay is another young man, who comes into her life. He is coping with a few problems of his own. Like his brother is the donor for Ethan's transplant. 

Bird makes connections with the two, and she aids their healing.

What I Think

This is a short book that is easy to read. I liked how the author showed that a heart donor lives on through the life of his recipient. I liked Bird's carefree attitude toward life. The three main characters are interesting, but I found it odd that Ethan's family just doesn't realize that someone is living on their property and using their home when they are gone. I guess it could happen.

If you are looking for a book with a happy ending then this one may be for you. The three main characters are young adults so it may be a good book for young adults to read.

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