Friday, January 5, 2018

Captain's Tips On Pet Winter Health Hazards

This is Captain. I normally tell you all about the life my roommate and I lead with our pet human. But today I decided to let all of the humans know about some dangers that face animals in the winter.

1. Antifreeze

Humans often don't realize just how dangerous spilled antifreeze is to animals. It is clear and has a slightly sweet taste so some animals who are thirsty drink it. And then many animals innocently walk through the antifreeze. Later they lick their paws to clean them. Both of these situations are hazardous because it is poisonous. Please clean up any spilled antifreeze immediately.

2. Ice & Snow

Most areas with snow and ice use salt and other chemicals to clean walkways and roads. This can irritate our paw. And it can irritate our stomachs if we lick the chemicals off our feet. If the animal in your household goes outside during the winter, consider providing them with booties to protect their paws.

3. Leftovers

Yes, I adore treats, just check out some of my other posts to learn just how much. But honestly those treats often upset my stomach. Please be sure that you use restraint when passing out those leftover food items. And please make sure they are placed in a secure trash bin so that those trash diggers in the animal world don't over indulge.

So please keep these tips in mind this winter and your animals will remain much healthier.

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