Thursday, January 11, 2018

Easy Ways to Improve Your Home Right Now

Everyone wants to improve their home. But so often you feel like I can't do it because improvements cost a lot of money. But that isn't necessarily true. Here are a few easy low cost ways to improve your home.

Keep Composting

Winter is the time to keep adding to that pile. Keep adding brown materials like newspapers, and of course those kitchen scraps. The browns add carbon to your dirt, and the greens add nitrogen. Don't forget to add hair from your hairbrush for extra nitrogen. In the spring you'll have great new dirt for your garden.

Air Conditioner

It sounds crazy but turn on that air conditioner for five minutes every other month. This will keep the internal parts lubricated.


After a heavy snow the limbs of evergreens are often loaded with sno. It looks really pretty, but it may just be too much extra weight for those branches. Take a broom and dust off some of the snow so branches don't break and the tree remains healthy.

Fire Extinguishers

Fires increase in the winter. So it's time to add a fire extinguisher to each floor of your home. Make sure they can spray at least ten feet to assure they are effective if there is a fire.

What tips do you have for improving your home.

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