Saturday, January 20, 2018

Go Outside And Play Now

I was sitting with some friends eating lunch yesterday. And we were talking about birds. My friend told the story of how his nephew had received a pair of birds as pets. He had to choose names for them, and he decided that they would be named Mario and Luigi. His mother asked him why he picked those names. And he responded "I don't know any others". His mom told him it's time to go outside and play now.

It was a humorous story, but it also reminded me of an interview I heard with Paula Poundstone the other day. She was discussing how her son was an electronic addict. And she wasn't kidding. She told how she and her husband have had to take extreme measures to get him away from electronics. She tells how he describes it as a craving. And that he would sneak time with a cell phone. It sounds crazy, but I do believe her when she talks about electronic addiction.

I was out with a friend over the holidays. And she was constantly checking her phone. I removed the internet from my house so that I would do something other than get online. It's like we are a nation of maintenance electronic addicts. So before you check your phone today, go outside and play now.

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