Saturday, January 6, 2018

Happy Moments From The Week

Once again it is time to share those happy moments from the week. You know the ones that just make you smile to yourself when you think about them.

Imagine waking into the pizza joint to pick up your carry out order. You hear that song with the lyrics rebel just for kicks playing on the radio. You turn around and see the lady making pizza singing along, dancing and throwing the pizza up in the air. It was so refreshing to see someone enjoy themselves at work.

That totally awesome feeling you have when you successfully complete a project you have been working on for a month. You keep telling hurray I did it!

That feeling of relief when you realize that the only reason the furnace didn't kick on was that you needed to change the battery in the thermostat. Reminder to self pick up more triple a batteries.

So what has been happening in your life recently.

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