Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Light Up Your Life

Years ago I didn't really understand when my dad told me you need more light in your living room. It seemed okay to me. Then a couple of issues have arisen with my vision and I now know what he meant. The room seems a little dim at times. Here are some tips I've found since I have started thinking about ways I can lighten up the room.

Think Big

The best added light source is an overhead light source. You get more bang for your buck. The key is finding the right dimensions of the fixture. Here's a super easy way to find the right size. Take the dimensions of the room and add them together. That number is the diameter of the fixture you should buy.

Fabric or glass

If you are looking for maximum light output choose glass. Fabric just doesn't allow enough light to escape.

Floor lamps

It is super easy to add light to a room with a floor lamp in a corner. This is a double winner. You get extra light in the room which makes the room seem larger.

The bulb

If you are like me choosing the right light bulb can be a little bit of a gamble. There are leds, incandescent and then all of those wattages.Here's how I have decided to choose the right wattage. An overhead light is up high so it is most effective with a high wattage bulb.

Fake it

Still need more light? You can add some mirrors to walls perpendicular to windows. If you place the mirror across from a window, the light will simply be reflected right back out the window.

So don't be afraid to light up your life a little.

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