Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Moments That Made Me Smile

Every day we have little moments that make us smile. This week brought me a few that I thought might be worth sharing with all of you.

Spending time at the zoo on a snowy day. It was fun to see how all the kids reacted to the snow. And of course there was that kid who was having a snowball fight all by himself. He just kept throwing snowballs, but he didn't throw them at other people. He was enjoying himself thought so I give him so credit. Keep it up young man, you do know how to entertain yourself.

Stopping at the thrift stores, and people are impressed with the outfits you have put together. Yeah, I scored some great finds. And that lady who told me about all of the jewelry she sells was so much fun to talk to.

Hearing this really loud, blaring blahm. And I heard it more than once. I was what is that? Then I remembered the neighbor's son plays trombone. He was practicing outdoors since it was a warm day.I had to chuckle to myself once I realized what it really was.

Trying to figure out what a co-workers middle name is. It starts with a z. And she claims it is not Zelda, Zoey, or Zapporah. Does anybody else have any ideas on names that start with z?

So what has made you smile recently?

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