Sunday, January 14, 2018

My Private Island

I think we all have had times when we fanticize about just going to our own private island. You know the days when work is not going the way you want it to. And then you get home and there is a busted pipe. You just say to yourself I just want to get away to my own private island. Believe it or not it may not be as difficult as it seems.

Buying an island doesn't have to be that expensive if you aren't picky about where it is located. The tropics are expensive. But go off the northeast coast is much more affordable.

Financing for an island is unheard of. Be ready with your cash.

Don't think that if you build your dream house on the island that it will add to the value of the island. Your dream home may not be someone else's dream home.

Not surprisingly islands in the Bahamas are the hottest real estate. They are close to the US so there is easy access.

Be careful what you do with the island. It is an ecosystem that can get screwed up. Check out what the locals know about that ecosystem.

You may not be as isolated as you think recent advances in technology have make life more accessible than eve. There are advances that have made it simpler to get fresh water.

And be prepared to rent out your island. It's way easier to maintain a home if there is someone there.

So who's up to buying an island?

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  1. In my dreams I have wanted to live on my own island away from everyone but also wanted to have my family near by so I could see and talk to them when I wanted to do so, such a nice dream never going to happen but still a nice dream