Saturday, January 13, 2018

My Writing Routine

Each person has some sort of ritual when they write. Even I do. I know it is hard to believe, but it's true. So here is the my writing routine.

First I must pack up my computer and go to the library. I jump in the car and head off to the library. I set an hour to write, and I am also checking email while I write my posts.

Keep in mind I did take the internet out of my house last year. It has been quite a great thing. I am spending more time doing things I enjoy, but it does crunch the amount of time that I can blog.

I often have the ideas before I begin writing. Just because I am not online at home it doesn't mean I don't think about what should I blog about? My goal is always to write three posts in an hour. Yes, there are times when I can actually do this. But often I only have a goal that I don't attain.

If I am lucky I have taken some pictures before I packed up. Then I just sit down and start writing about the topic I have chosen for the post.  I'm always amazed that if I set my mind to it, and I focus on what I am doing at how quickly the words just begin flowing.

And I wonder to myself as I write this, just how much I could accomplish in life if I just got myself to focus.

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