Friday, January 19, 2018

Opening Atlantis

Opening Atlantis is an alternate history novel by Harry Turtledove. I have read a couple of other books by Turtledove so when I saw this book, I decided to pick it up and give it a read.

The Story

This is the story of adventurers and explorers. Individuals who see something that could change their lives and take the chance to make their chances better. There is a land in between the new world and Europe. It is a land of plenty, and there are no inhabitants there. But sailors have seen this place, and they are the ones who decide to develop settlements there. 

There are French, Spanish and English settlements. The story spans 300 years from the time when the area is first settled to the time when the inhabitants are warring about who will own much of the land.

The story shows just how humans impact an area. And how attitudes change over the course of centuries.

What I Think

I honestly tried to like this book. And I did read through the entire thing. I couldn't relate to the characters in the book. I think it was because they were mostly male characters. There were few female characters that were developed. But the dialogue was not that interesting to me. I have read other books by Turtledove, and I really enjoyed them. But this one was not my cup of tea. As I read the book, I had the feeling I had when I read a Tom Clancy book a few years ago. I had the feeling that this book was just not written for me.

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