Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Silk Flowers

I was recently contacted Commercial Palm Trees to see if I was interested in completing a review of some of their products. I thought this would be a great product to review. I looked through the items that I could choose from. And I decided that I wanted something for spring. And I decided on a silk plant with dahlia's peonies and roses.

When I received the plant I was surprised at just how nice it was. The company focuses in on commercial settings, and you can view some of their products at Commercial Palm Trees

The plant is realistic looking. Some silk plants look fake from a distance. You need to get close and touch the plant to realize it is made of silk flowers. I was also surprised that it came in a sturdy glass pot. The glass is at least a half inch thick, and it has a green design in the glass, which goes very well with the green currants in the flower arrangement.

When I read the description of the product I was a little concerned that it came in a glass container. I wondered it would make it to my house without being shattered. I have high praise on the company for it's packing. The plant came by UPS in an extremely sturdy cardboard box. The glass was wrapped in bubble wrap. And it was secured in the box. The arrangement was not damaged in transport. This company knows how to assure that customers get what they ask for.

The colors on the arrangement are vivid. And they look the way they do in their catalog. Like I said the company focuses in on Commercial setting, but individuals can purchase items from the company too. The plants they offer will add a nice detail to office and home settings.

Their products are not cheap, but they are higher quality. The one I received was free of charge, but it normally sells for $117. But many of the designs would be great for weddings.

The down side is you do have to order the plants and wait for them to arrive. So these cannot be something that you purchase for the spur of the moment event. You do have to plan ahead, but if you do you will end up with a high quality silk plant.

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