Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Snowflake Trivia

Today it snowed. That is nothing unusual considering it is January. But I realized that I didn't know much about snowflakes. So I decided to share some snowflake trivia with you today. And I found these in the Field Guide To Snowflakes. (Yes, there is a book written about just about everything.) Thanks to Kenneth Libbrecht for explain snowflakes so well.


Snowflakes are created from ice. But it's not just that simple. They are not like the icicles we see hanging from a roof in the winter. They are not actually frozen water. They are created from vapor.

Snow Crystals

This refers to a single crystal of ice. But a snowflake can be a single crystal of ice or a group of crystals that floats to earth as a puff ball.


There are two things that are important in the way a snowflake looks in the end. The first is humidity within the cloud it is being formed in. And the second is the temperature. The combination of the two makes each crystal unique.

I'm Melting

As soon as a snowflake leaves a cloud, it begins to melt. So they probably don't look they way they did when they first fell from the cloud.

So these are some of the things you always wanted to know about snowflakes, or maybe they are just things that will help you when you go to a trivia contest. Either way, the snowflake trivia is bound to be useful.

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  1. Each snowflake is unique in and of itself. What a beautiful thing.