Thursday, January 18, 2018

When The Snow Melts I Will Find

I remember walking down the street last spring. It was not long after the snow melted. And I thought about all the things that were just lying on the ground. They had been there throughout the winter. And they just came visible after the thaw.

And then I thought about an incident when I was a child. I lived in Northern Minnesota. It gets really cold, and it snows a lot. There was a hill at the side of our yard. And you went down the hill if the car was parked on the street. My brother was carrying a tray in his hands, and he had placed the car keys on the tray.

He kind of slid down the hill that day. And oh yes, the keys went flying. Have you ever searched for car keys in the snow? It is no easy task. In fact, it is easier to let the snow melt and then look for the keys.

That day my brother decided they were lost. But then one day in the spring, I was running down the hill. The snow had just melted, and guess what I found? I found those shiny keys in the mushy early spring wet grass.

So when the snow melts what will you find this year?

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