Friday, February 2, 2018

Emior Product Review

I was really fortunate when I was given the opportunity to review Emoir products. The company sent me a total of four items from their product line. The collection included Fruit Exfoliator, Gel Cleanser, Eye Cream, and Anti-Aging Serum.

The packaging for these products is attractive. I like the pink boxes and the Emior symbol in gold on the box.  The eye cream and anti-aging serum both came in a box with a magnetic closure. This is a plus in my opinion. It assures that your items don't fall out of the package before you receive them.

The exfoliator and gel cleanser both had a peel off sticker on the tube to assure that the items don't leak before you even use it. I love these. I don't know how many times I have brought beauty products home and the gels leak from the package. It always makes me feel like I've wasted my money. This won't happen with these items.

The eye cream and the anti-aging serum are both pump containers. I like pump containers because you get a little more control over the amount of product that is used.

The first item I used was the exfoliator. It did come out of the container easily. And the instructions tell you to use it twice daily. I always find that to be a bit excessive. I massaged it into my skin. There was a gritty feel that comes with all good exfoliators. It spread easily. But it didn't rinse off very easily. This was my least favorite of the products I received. But it does work.

The cleansing gel was easy to use, but make sure you follow the directions and lather it up before you begin to apply it to your face. My skin felt clean and great after using this product.

The eye cream was also easy to pump out. The pump really does work well with this product. And my eyes felt moisturized when I used the product. I haven't used it enough to see if it actually does lift as it claims. I hope so.

The anti aging serum was the last item I used. It does make your skin feel softer after using it. And it seemed like it looked healthier after one use. It claims to help reduce age spots, and time will tell if that is true.

These products are not inexpensive. But you do pay for what you get in life. And they do seem to be of a high quality in presentation and use.

So I would definitely recommend the eye cream, cleansing gel and anti aging serum. I will have to try the exfoliator again to see if I want to purchase the item.


I did receive a free product in exchange for an honest review, but all of the opinions are all mine.

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