Thursday, February 1, 2018

February Goals 2018

It is February. The weather turned cold today. And I realized that my goal setting posts are actually helpful to me. Often the goals are projects that I have on my mind at the beginning of the month. I think that these projects would just be things I want to, but I never do them. Setting goals on my blog gives me a sense of urgency. I feel like I need to do what I say I want to accomplish. Most months I accomplish my goals. So if you blog and you want to get yourself moving on some projects try telling your goals to the world. Let's see how I did with my goals in January.

My first goal was to organize my coloring books. The goal was really to put together a cool storage container for my coloring books. I have been working on the box but somehow it is taking longer than I planned. So this goal is half finished. I will keep working on the box.

The next goal was to push toward the next craft fair. I wanted to work on items for the fair each day. I made a ton of bath bombs. I did not work on items every day though. Technically I didn't complete the goal, but the goal helped me produce more inventory. So the spirit of the goal was met. Does that count?

The third goal was to plan out my vacation budgets. I did work out an amount of money I want saved for each vacation. So let the savings begin.

My final goal was to call about the teddy bear project. I did this. And I am set to meet with the group next week. Yay me!

This month I want to do the following.

Idea Board

I've made some in the past, and they really pushed me toward being much more creative. So I need to start putting one together again.

Purchase tickets

I am a fan of Dropkick Murphy's. They rock! I've seen them play before and they will be close by got to purchase some tickets.

The Basement

Yeah it is always a work in progress, but I am really feeling the need to clean one section of the basement up so I have more room to work down there. Clear out some crap is the goal.


I just went through my makeup and got rid of some old mascara. I need to find a new one that I really like. So this month I am going to hunt down a really good new mascara. Anyone have any suggestions?

Make sure to check back next month to see how I did with my goals.

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