Friday, February 23, 2018

Getting The Ideas Flowing

At the begin of the month, I set a goal to put together an idea board. I just wanted to take a look at a few things that were inspiring me right now. This is what I came up with.

This month I really seem to be inspired by darker shades of green. I think I am really longing for summer. And green is one of the colors that makes me think of summer. I have a project I have been working on that has a green background. And hopefully I can get it finished this month. But I don't know. And I really thought that making some sort of zentangle would be soothing. I always find that the repetition of patterns is relaxing. 

I am also loving those embroidered jeans. They are so pretty. And it makes the jeans really girly. I absolutely wish I could do embroidery. Maybe I should look up some stuff on youtube so I can learn. Anybody have any suggestions. 

I loved that leather purse, I loved the yellows and turquoise in the pattern. I also like that it looked like it was painted or stained. I want one. The bottom right hand corner has a picture of some wall paper. I really liked the black background with the gold pattern. It has an Asian theme. Love it, but I'm unsure if I would actually use it as wallpaper. I really need to think about how I would use it.

The spoon and the chair in the picture both are made of bamboo. I really like that they are renewable sources, and they have just a fun bohemian look. The chair is also green which as I stated earlier is a color I am loving this month.

And then the dress. I love the lace and ruffles that are part of the dress. I also like the red and pink combination. Is it something I can alter? Have to start looking around for something like it. 

And then there is the sequin headbands. Yep, I broke down and ordered some sequin fabric. just want to see what I come up with that one.

So what has been getting the ideas flowing in your life?

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