Friday, February 16, 2018

I Just Can't Attend That Staff Meeting

I used to have this job where I had to attend staff meetings. Staff meetings can be very boring. But if you don't attend you run the risk of being assigned the most awful tasks the meeting has to offer. But if you decide to skip that meeting make sure you have a good or at the very least creative excuses. Here are a few suggestions.

My restraining order states I have to stay 50 feet from (name of coworker). This is a believable excuse if you have had a strained relationship with a coworker. It may not fly but it is creative.

It was scheduled after I left the building and before I returned to the building. It really isn't possible to do something if you aren't there and didn't know about it isn't it?

I have to keep watching Koop videos on YouTube. Everyone has their priorities in life don't they?

And last but not least I have to put together my survival kit for the impending zombie apocalypse.

Please let me know how these suggestions work for you.

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