Tuesday, February 6, 2018

I Watched The Whole Movie

Have you ever watched a movie and afterwards said to yourself I can believe I watched the whole movie. I decided to share a few movies that made me ask that question.

Honkey Holocaust

Charles Manson's child has lived underground and sheltered for years. Charles dies, and his followers leave their underground shelter to see the world. It has changed significantly, but not the way Charlie predicted. And as she wanders through this world she finds that the hatred her father preached doesn't solve any problems.

This movie is graphic. But it's that cheap, blood shots that are gross, but obviously not real. 

Haters Back Off

Imagine a person who believes they have talent but they so obviously don't. That's what this Netflix series is all about. Miranda Sings is the lead character. I did watch the entire first season. I felt like I should have liked this program, but I absolutely hated Miranda. She just annoyed me far too much. And I know that is her character. But I just couldn't get past it. I just don't want to see the next season.

High School USA

I really like animation. So if I see an animated program, I will usually give it a try. It usually works out positively. But not in the case of High School USA. I just didn't connect with the characters. And so sadly I can't believe that I watched the entire thing. Why did I do that? Did I think I was going to start liking it?

American Mary

This is actually a good movie, I put it in this post because it is really twisted. And there is a little bit of violence that was a little too realistic for my tastes. But the story line was so great! And it is all about revenge. It's an indy film. And I watched it on youtube. If you like horror movies that make you think this one is for you.

Ilse She Wolf Of The SS

This movie is just gross. But it's a cult classic. It is violent in awful ways, and Ilsa is just sick! I think I kept watching it because Ilsa is just to see what happens to hear. It uses sex, violence, and mixes it into one of the sickest cult films I've seen. Apparently, there are several movies with Ilsa in the them. Not sure I can stomach any more of them though. In this one she is a Nazi officer who takes full advantage of her rank to perform so truly awful things on inmates of a camp.
So have you watched any movies where you absolutely have to watch the entire thing even though you didn't like it?

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  1. This seems so fun!I constantly watch movies that I, afterwards, think to myself why did I like it or even watched it for that matter. Great post!