Sunday, February 18, 2018

Recent Listens

Once again it is time for me to share some of the music I have been listening to recently. It's a mix of old and new. I mean can things get any better than that?

Octo Octa Fleeting Moments of Freedom

This is a great electronic song. And it will make you want to dance. I love the fact that it doesn't rely on lyrics just music to express itself.

Modest Mouse Buddy Holly Cover

I like Buddy Holly and I have been a Modest Mouse fan for years. A lot of people didn't like this cover, but I think it's fantastic! I love how they put their unique twist on the song instead of trying to do it just like Buddy Holly. I mean isn't this part of what makes so great? People making things their own?

Perry Como Papa Loves Mambo

I always picture couples dancing when I hear this song. I guess that is kind of what was intended. It's a fun pick me up song I think. 

Tom Petty Wildflowers

I was sad when I found out Tom Petty died earlier this year. His music always brings back happy memories for me. And I've always liked the song Wildflowers. It has a pretty melody and the lyrics are great!

Dashboard Confidential We Fight

This song is kind of an anthem. But I love the lyrics. I love how talks about picking ourselves up. 

So what music has caught your interest recently?

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