Sunday, February 11, 2018

The Olympics

I was listening to the news this afternoon. There was a story about how the Vice President did stand when the joint Korean team entered during the opening ceremonies. At first I thought what does that have to do with anything in real life?

Then I thought if you are Korean a united team would be a big deal. There must be a feeling of something is missing whenever things occur that involve the two nations. Families split apart for years. A sense of not knowing how people who have shared something in common with you in the not distant past don't know how you live today.

I also thought about a story I heard about Jesse Owens. Owens was at the 36 Olympics in Berlin. Times were a little tense, and Owens was considered inferior by the Nazi's who were in charge. He was having a little difficulty with his long jump. One of the members of the German team gave him a tip on how to get a little more distance on his jump. It was a tip from an unlikely source. The tip worked.

Did that act change world events? No, but it is a reminder that The Olympics are a time when politics can be put aside just for a moment. And the right thing can be done.

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