Thursday, February 15, 2018

Valentine's Thrift Outfit

My thrifty finds include some really great items for the past week. And I decided to show what I found, and how I combined it into my Valentine's Day outfit.

That's a look at the entire outfit. The dress is a really cute red knit dress put out by Candie's. I picked it up for $4.50. It is the perfect red for Valentine's Day! 
I added this boho style necklace. The key piece is a antiqued silver, and the lace is actually red beads. It is so simple, but yet it looks great.

I opted for a set of flats to go along with this outfit. I just wanted something a little more comfortable than heels. And I always feel that flats add a cute factor to most outfits. I really like the combination of studs and a bows on these flats. And I added a pair of black striped tights. (The tights actually weren't thrifted.

You can see some of the detail on the dress with this picture. I love how the top of the dress had horizontal stripes knit into the patter, and the skirt has vertical stripes. It's just a nice little touch.

So what have you all thrifted recently? And what did you do for Valentine's Day?

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