Thursday, February 22, 2018

Ways To Make Your Paint Job Last Longer

Have you ever painted a room and a few months later it just doesn't look good. And it isn't the color you have a problem with. The paint just isn't lasting. Here are a few ways you can make your paint job last longer.

Don't Get Cheap

The paint you choose should stay with you for a few years. So don't skimp on quality. And once you have started painting don't water the paint down to make it go further. It is made to to be used as it is when you purchase it.

More Is Better

That second coat of paint is important. It will thicken the coat of paint and this means your paint's life could be extended by years. It doesn't take long to add that second coat so just do it.

High Sheen Vs. Flat

I prefer flat paint jobs. But this isn't the best choice for areas that need a little extra cleaning. But if you have imperfections in the wall like patched areas high sheens will show up more.

So what tips do you have on painting your house.

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