Thursday, February 8, 2018

Whiskey Sour Book Review

Whiskey Sour is a novel by J. A. Konrath. I have read this book several years ago and I enjoyed it. So I recently gave it a reread. Here's my review of the book.
The Story

Jack Daniels is a Lt. in the Chicago Police Department. She works in the violent crimes section, and there is a serial killer active in her city. He calls himself The Gingerbread Man. And he is one sick dude. But Jack is determined to catch him. The Gingerbread Man decides that Jack would be a great victim. He would thoroughly enjoy watching her suffer. But Jack isn't that easy to trap.

What I Think

I really liked Jack. She is a cop who has worked her way up through the ranks. And it wasn't easy for her. She is just a little too dedicated to her job though. And I could relate to how her personal life suffered when she is too dedicated. I like that things don't always go right for her either. This book also shows just how much harassment Jack has to take. It felt a little timely even though it was written several years ago. And I loved how the victims in this book were chosen. It's not random, but it is a little tough to figure out. This is a fun mystery and I really should look at more books by this author.

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