Saturday, March 24, 2018

An Evening Of Poetry and Art

This week I had the chance to go to a poetry reading at one of the local art galleries. The poets were Em Beard and Nana Jordan. Both of them created beautiful poems, and I was reminded that there are so many talented individuals that surround everyone everyday. So often we don’t notice the talent that walks past us when we are walking down the street. And I hope I can hear these individuals again. Em had a poem that reminded me of a couple incidents that occurred in life, and it made me wonder about innocent actions and ignorance in general. Are they related, and are they really bad things.

The picture below is by Audrey Mills. It was the current exhibit at the gallery. The picture below was my second favorite of her work that was exhibited. The work was screen print. And I really liked how most of it was in black and white. And the friend I was with reminded me that there really is more than one shade of white. Some people may not believe it, but it’s true.

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