Thursday, March 29, 2018

Beautiful Days Stories

There are times when I struggle with my attention span. I break projects down into smaller bits so I can accomplish things. So books full of short stories are often a great way for me to plow through a book. I recently read A Beautiful Day Stories by Joyce Carol Oates. And this is a review of the collection of short stories it contains.

The Story

These stories cover different individuals lives. The first story is about a couple who is having an affair. Normally, I find the individuals involved in an affair as selfish. And I did feel that way, but in some ways I felt sorry for the two. But I liked how the author showed that some things just run their course and you never really know why.

And the story Fractal is just creepy. It’s kind of a story where a life is erased. It’s the story of an individual who gives someone something they really want, but they loose something extremely important to them. I think this story would be a cool movie if you want to know the truth.

What I think

I enjoyed these stories. Some more than others, but if you want a good group of reads this book may be one you will enjoy.

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