Thursday, March 1, 2018

Five Reasons You Should Micro-Farm

Most people have heard of micro farming. But just in case you haven't it's growing a garden. But many individuals believe it just takes too much time and wor. Here are five reasons you should micro-farm. 

Little Bit

A little bit of land can produce a lot of food. But you do need to be creative about the land use. Remember trees and bushes can produce food. Bushes can be planted in place of some fences. 


You can design your garden to be attractive. Herbs often have flowers. Peas can grow on fences. You don't have to have a row garden in your backyard. Think outside the box.


Your lawn may actually have some micro climates that allow for more diverse crops. Shady areas allow for more cool weather crops like lettuce. While tomatoes thrive in sunlight. 


Fifteen minutes to half an hour a day can produce a fabulous garden. The best garden I ever had involved half an hour a day after work in the spring and fifteen minutes during the summer. Flowers blossomed and I had them through the entire growing season. And I got plenty of exercise and sunshine.


You don't need animals on your micro-farm in order to produce a lot of food. Make sure you know the rules in your community if you decide to raise some animals.

So what are you waiting for start planning your micro-farm.

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