Tuesday, March 20, 2018

I Listened To The News Today

I listened to the news today. I was troubled by some of what I heard.  I heard about people in Puerto Rico who are having difficulty getting their homes rebuilt after the hurricane. I wondered to myself why is it so complicated to get people something they need. And why is this relief project so screwed up?

I heard about a city in Kansas that is welcoming immigrants. They actually realize that they are an important part of their economy. But there always seem to be a few individuals in each community that want to hurt others. These individuals planned to target these immigrants for violence. I wondered just what is wrong with these individuals? Are they hurting? And I wasn’t surprised when I heard they were claiming that it was all someone else’s idea. Why won’t people admit that they are screw ups.

I heard about the fourth bomb that went off in Texas. I wondered what you think about when you decide to build a bomb? Is the person who is building these thinking about the pain they will inflict on others? And maybe whoever it is should find a new hobby.

I realized that there is little I can do about these problems. All I can do is be kind to the individuals I come in contact with each day. Isn’t that the real news of the day?

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