Friday, March 2, 2018

March 2018 Goals

Happy March everyone! Spring is just around the corner. And of course it is a new meaning month and that means I need to set some new goals for the month. Let's follow the formula and see how I did with the goals I set last month.

My first goal was to put together an idea board. I did this. And it really helped me put into action some of my creative ideas. I was struggling with getting the color for a project and the design. It was vague in my mind but I just couldn't get it into action. The board put it together in my head. The goal was a big success.

My second goal was to buy the tickets for the concert I wanted to see. This was accomplished and the show was great.

I also did work at cleaning out my basement. I did clean it up. But gees it gets messed up so fast. But it looks better.

I did buy new mascara. In fact I bought two. One was my tried and true Clinique and the other was a brand I can't remember the name of. Both of them seem to work well.

Now the goals I want to accomplish in March.


That junk drawer in my closet is calling my name. It needs cleaned out. Once again where does all that crap come from?

Accordion Book

I watched a video on how to make an accordion book. I plan on making a simple accordion art book.


It seems like this is a goal every spring. Get all of those leaves raked. That oak tree always sheds leaves until the new leaves grow.

Get Out Of Town

I haven't taken a road trip in a few months. You know one where you explore something completely different. Gonna do it this month though.

So that is what I want to accomplish this month what do you want to accomplish?

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