Sunday, March 4, 2018

Mud Can Boost Mood?

Spring is around the corner. And there will be rainy days. And along with rain comes mud. So here are a few little trivia bits about mud.

Mud is an old English word that dates back to the 1400's.

Ever wonder why you feel more relaxed on rainy days? One possibility may be the mud. Playing in mud might boost your mood. The reason is due to microscopic bacteria called Mycobacterium baccarat, which increase the level of serotonin in our brains, helping an individual to relax. No proof just a really big maybe.

If you feed that same bacteria to mice, they can navigate their way through mazes twice as fast as usual.

Ancient Egyptians used mud bricks to build their homes.

Mud baths are taken to help alleviate pains and muscle aches. Their mineral rich content is also thought to have a soothing effect.

So on the next rainy day go out and enjoy the mud it might just be good for you.

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