Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Some People Amaze Me

Recently, I have been amazed in different ways by two individuals I know. The first person who has amazed me recently is a co-worker who found out she has cancer. She had to take a month off in order to have a mastectomy. She returned to work after the month,and she began to work as usual. I see people all around me that are looking for ways to get out of working. And this woman who is going through chemotherapy is living life the same as she always does without complaints. She is a daily reminder to me that I need to do everything I do as well as I can. 

The other individual is another coworker. She has carpal tunnel syndrome. It is painful I know. And I don’t begrudge her for getting restrictions for work. I reminded her that there were going to be two jobs available that would be much easier. She stated that the job schedule doesn’t work with her. I was dumbfounded. It is totally fine with her for others to do the work that is a job requirement and she doesn’t have to make any concessions. I felt taken advantage of.

I am amazed that two people with similar challenges face the situation in completely different ways. And I wondered which way I would handle the problem.

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