Thursday, March 22, 2018

Too Faced Mermaid Tear Review

Too Faced is a great cosmetic line. They have the reputation of putting out fun and high quality beuty products. I picked up the Mermaid Tears Lip Topper. I mean how can you resist something called Mermaid Tears.

The Product

The product comes in a green box with Mermaid Tears printed on the front. Inside the box was the product. The product comes in a clear container with a top twist off lid.

I opened it up and it was a glossy green color. The product description claims that it is a holographic lip gloss that enhances your lip shade. It is part of their Mystical Effects set which is based on the idea that everyday should be full of good vibes.

I didn't have any lipstick on when I first tried the gloss. But the products website claims that it would have a prima like effect on lips without products. I put it on, and the colors did shift based on how the light was hitting it. It left a shimmery blue effect overall. I liked it. And overall, it looked good on me. I thought there would be a greenish tint, but more of the blue shades in the green came out. It wasn't a dark blue, but more of a shiny light blue.

The gloss itself left my lips feeling soft. Sometimes you put on a lip gloss, and some of the ingredients may dry your lips. But this formula was great for my lips. I wanted to learn more about the ingredients so I went to Too Faced website. It did have a full list of ingredients.

The product does not advertise as an organic product, and when I read the list of ingredients I saw why. I couldn't pronounce most of them, but some of what gives the lip gloss that great feeling is some of the ingredients. I looked into them, but I didn't find any negative information on the items listed. So this made me feel good.

Overall, I like this product. I liked that it gave a kind of rainbow prism look to my lips when it was applied. I also liked the packaging. The box color and design did remind me of mermaid skin. And I liked how it made my lips feel. The cost of this gloss is $19. This is a little more than I would normally pay for a lip gloss, but I do have to take in to consideration that there is a brand attached to this product. And sometimes you pay for what you get right?

I love the name of the name of this product, and I hope that they continue to make it.

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