Saturday, March 3, 2018

Where Did The Trash Come From?

Have you ever wondered where all that trash come from? We all know it is from all of the items we use on a daily basis. But how did it all get started? Here's a little history of how we got to the point where trash is a little overwhelming.

1810 Peter Duran patented the tin can.
1868 Wood, metal and linen begin to be replaced by the manufacturing of celluloid.
1895 Disposable blades are invented by Gillette Razor.
1907 Paper towels are invented by mistake when a machine turns out extra thick toilet paper.
1908 Paper cups replace tin cups on trains.
1914 Wax paper is invented for their product corn flakes.
1924 Kleenex is introduced replacing handkerchiefs.
1929 Aluminum foil is invented.
1935 Plexiglass begins replacing glass in windows.
1939 Paperback novels appear.
1943 The aerosol can appears on the scene.
1945 12.50 is the price of the first American ballpoint pen.
1957 HDPE is added to milk cartons.
1959 The photocopier begins cranking out papers.
1960 Paper cups begin to be replaced by Polystyrene.
1960 Wax paper is replaced by polyethylene by bread companies.
1963 Aluminum cans are used for beverages.
1977 Polyethylene Terephthalte(PET) replaces glass bottles for sodas.
1980 Butter tubs are made from polypropylene.
2002 Disposable cameras are sold.

So now you know where all the trash comes from.

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