Friday, April 6, 2018

April Goals 2018

April has arrived! I am so thankful. The weather is a little warmer and things are starting to grow. And my faithful followers know that a new month means I need to set some new goals in my life. And first I need to review the goals for the month of March.


My first goal was to clean out one of the drawers in my bathroom. I did this. I had a receipt from 2010 in that drawer. Why didn’t I throw some of that junk away sooner? And I found loads of little soaps. I don’t need to buy any of those any time soon.


Those leaves are a constant problem in my yard. I have cleaned up a lot of them. But somehow there are still loads of them. It’s still a work in progress.

Accordion book

I decided to work on a chunky art journal instead of an accordion book. I did get it started. But somehow it to time consuming. It’s a work in progress. But I am enjoying working on it.

Get out of town

I did take a really short day trip. It took an afternoon and went to a nearby small town. I found a great thrift store. And a building I loved. The driving time was also a great time to think through some things. All in all it was really relaxing. The hiccup came when I was forced to work an extra day that week. I didn’t have time to get my laundry done. So I was crunched for time on another day.

Now the goals for the new month.

Just Cuz Gifts

I love giving gifts. And this month I want to give gifts just because it’s fun. It doesn’t have to be a special occasion.

The Garden

This month I want to work in the garden three times a week. There is planting and tidying to do. I wish I could do it everyday, but I think three times a week is more realistic.

There is a really cute idea I have for a small upcycled outfit. It should be super easy. And the outcome will be so kawaii.

Figure Out How To Say No

I’m struggling with having to do too much especially at work. I know the rules aren’t being followed and I am being taken advantage of some times. How do I address this without loosing my temper? It needs to be figured out this month.

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  1. Cleaning out drawers is something we all need to do and often put off