Friday, April 13, 2018

Composting Do’s and Don’ts

Spring means getting out in that yard and cleaning it up. At least if you own a home, that’s what it means. And everyone with a garden knows that there is a lot of material for that compost pile, which is necessary if you want beautiful flowers and vegetables. Here are a few composting do’s and don’ts for the beginner gardener.

Do Get Started

Start composting in the spring for the best results. Make sure to mix nitrogen rich like green leaves and grass clippings with carbon rich items like bark and newspaper.

Don’t Be Wasteful

Make sure you send the waste from the vegetables and fruit you use in meals out to the compost pil.

Don’t Feed The Wildlife

Don’t put meat, fish or dairy products in your compost. It will attract scavengers. But coffee grounds, tea bags and egg shells will feed your compost.

Do Tear

When you add newspapers and cardboard to your pile make sure you tear it into smaller pieces. It makes the decomposition process move along more smoothly.

Do Cover It Up

Covering your compost speeds up the process by keeping heat and moisture i. Don’t forget to use a fork or shovel to turn your compost to make it cook faster.

So what are you waiting for go start your compost pile.

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