Thursday, April 26, 2018

Letter From The Dandelions

Dear Readers

We the dandelions of the nation are writing this letter to you because of the discrimination we are facing. There is an attempt to wipe us off of the planet. And this feels wrong to us. We simply wish to bring a little beauty to the areas we reside in. Today I have decided to share a little information about dandelions since knowledge is a way to reduce discrimination.

I like many individuals in this country am an immigrant. When people first left Europe to immigrate to the new world my ancestors were brought along purposely. Yes, I know it is hard for many of you to believe, but we were once valued. There was our beauty that was admire. But we were also put to use in meals. We dandelions are full of nutrients. A one cup serving contains only 25 calories. And that same cup contains 111% of the vitamin A that a body requires each day. We also contain vitamins b and c as well as magnesium. We are a great source of food. And the best thing is we’re free just go into your backyard and we are there.

Traditionally, we dandelions have assisted humans in treating digestive ailments. But sadly there is little scientific research that has been done on this. Perhaps, humans should put more energy into studies about our health benefits. Then there would be less use of the chemicals that are killing the dandelions.

I hope this letter has made you think about what exactly is growing in your yard. You never know it could be more helpful than you realize.


The Dandelions

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